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Our Story.

CGraphika is a Paris-based graphic, print, and web design/development company, which intervenes for each of the various components necessary to build a professional high-end, creative graphics and websites.

Charly Awad, the founder, is an experienced Project Manager, Web Designer, Web Developer, and a Ph.D. graduate in Computer Science. With 10+ years of experience in the web, he has also taught university students on a variety of course topics, as well as being an entrepreneur since 2009.

Mid 2005

First Website

In order to help out a friend, our first contribution to the world of web was a static bad looking website.

November 2009


Several static websites later, Charly got registered as an autoentrepreneur.

November 2010

WordPress Love

Fell in love with WordPress and did our first website (an online résumé) on the platform.

January 2011

Doctor of Philosophy

Almost a two-hour long presentation (including questions), Charly defended his Ph.D. thesis.

June 2011

Paris Relocation

Landed a .NET developer job and relocated to Paris.

July 2012

We Became “Official”

CGraphika is launched. We’ve been using the name CGraphika for marketing purposes ever since.

Our Mission.

To help our clients’ business grow and succeed. Creating professional designs that not only achieve their business objectives, but surpass their expectations.

Our Process.

Step 1

Discover & Identify

Understand the problem.
Identify the solution.

Step 2

Plan & Strategize

Analyze the problem.
Define strategy and actions.

Step 3

Design & Develop

Prototype and design the solution.
Bring the solution into reality.

Step 4

Test & Deliver

Test and evaluate the solution.
Deliver the solution.

Why Work with us.

Clear Communication.

We ensure that we communicate and understand each other throughout the time we are working together. We consider being transparent and honest with you is an important if not the most important aspect of our relationship.

Complete Ownership.

We provide all our clients with complete access to their projects (Website’s hosting, vectorial elements, etc.). All the used accounts (for services such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Typeform, etc.) will be setup in your name.

On-going Relationship.

Our relationship, if you choose to, won’t stop at the delivery of the project. We also offfer training, support, and maintenance.

Ready to get started?

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